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About Us

Pemberton engineering has been manufacturing press tools, jigs and fixtures for 30 years. Producing tools for a variety of industries, in recent years this has centred around the strong automotive growth sector.

The company has a wealth of experience, and has recently started training apprentices up to bolster the workforce in the future. We are constantly re-investing to keep our facility up to date and offer a high quality of tools and services for our customers.

Lead times and service are a very high priority for us, as our customers demand products land on time and have the back up of friendly prompt service. Our vast experience allows us to highlight possible problems when tooling is designed, well before they are manufactured which speeds up the process.

We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of press tool design and manufacture working with a multitude of materials from brass and Aluminium through to much stronger tensile properties of 550MC and similar.

We also manufacture jigs and fixtures for everything from welding assemblies to complete checking fixtures, should the customer require.
We also offer cmm measurement using the latest software from QCT, ensuring that our final product meets the requirement of the customer.

Growing in capacity and size as we have been doing now for the last 5 years, has meant that we are able to take on larger suites of tooling and we are able to handle much larger projects than ever before.
We are constantly growing and seeking new opportunities, in a diverse range of industries to enable the future growth of the company to continue.